Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Murphy Bed from

For custom modular furniture, especially Murphy Beds and Wall Beds, Smart Spaces is the leader in every category. Wherever else you may go, you are not through shopping until you have visited our showroom. 1. Highest Quality Smart Spaces uses only the best materials to manufacture your furniture. From woods to sheet goods, stains, the ISO 9002 certified lift mechanism, countertops on down to hardware, finer materials cannot be found. End products that you can trust and be proud of for many years also have a lifetime warranty against defects. 2. Largest Showroom & Selection Our two-story showroom has over […]

About Smart Spaces Murphy Beds & Wall Beds

1 2 3 4 5 Murphy Beds & Wall Beds Smart Spaces is primarily known as the premier place to shop for and purchase a Wall or Murphy Bed in Colorado. We have the largest showroom by far, the greatest selection of MATERIALS and the most design and installation experience. This also means that we can prevent problems from arising and solve them when they do. Our prices are pretty good, too. Include custom CABINETS on the sides or even on top of the bed. The cabinets can be made in virtually any size and with any combination of open shelves, doors, […]

Get Started with Smart Spaces

Getting Started with Smart Spaces While our job is to design, manufacture and install (or ship) all of the component furniture for your room, the process actually starts with the client. If you are just curious about our products we are always happy to speak with you or walk you around our showroom. If you have something in mind, though, a little preparation can go a long way. Getting it Right the First Time Our business lives or dies by accurate measurements. The more and better measurement details of the room that you can provide us with – ceiling height room […]