Space Solution: A Tale of 3 Solutions for 1 Room

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Wind Crest is a vibrant senior adult community where folks go after they downsize and move to escape house maintenance and, most importantly, to be near grandkids. The actual units are well designed but small, especially when people are used to much larger living spaces. Here are examples of three different layouts for similar rooms to fit different space needs.

Greg and Mary Lynn moved from Chicago to be near their daughter and her family. They loved their new place, but needed to find a good office/ guest room solution for their second bedroom. Their office needs had diminished since they retired, but they still needed a desk and storage. The room dimensions that they had to work with was 10’ x 12′. They chose a studio desk that attaches to a queen Murphy bed that can be pulled down for sleep without disturbing the desk items. The material shown here is a Siberian textured laminate:

Murphy Bed with Closet Cabinet, Drawers

When our second couple downsized, Colleen was adamant that she get a craft table, while Jerry still needed a regular desk to work at. The queen Murphy bed was placed on the other wall. Here an office in knotty alder wood is shown with the craft table:

The third unit owners, Tim and Beth, loved the fact that they had gone from 4500 down to 1400 square feet; however, both needed their own mini offices in order to continue their consulting work. They worked with Smart Spaces to design a dual desk office, shown here in a black wood laminate:

Whether it’s an office, craft or yoga room, Smart Spaces can design custom cabinetry for your second bedroom to give you maximum usage for that limited space.

Come visit our showroom on south Santa Fe Drive or look at our website for over a hundred examples of customer installations.

Decluttering in 2019

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Custom Murphy Bed Cabinet Maker


They employ the use of a Murphy Wall Bed—to increase your available area by as much as 352 cubic feet—by eliminating the guest bed


In addition, they will build custom cabinets to fit your room—resulting in no wasted space that’s taken up by extra furniture.

Murphy Wall Bed with Cabinets, Drawers, Fold-down Desk


Our unique studio desk Murphy Bed, is attached to the wall bed panel that lays down when Murphy Bed is opened.

Is your New Year’s resolution to be less cluttered and to find more space in your home?
Longing to have a functional office space, instead of using just a kitchen table?

Smart Spaces, your space solutions experts, has many practical ways to increase your living space—as if by magic.

Need Inspiration to Unclutter Your Life?

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Murphy Bed Sofa small space solutions

7 Tips for Enjoying Family Time in Your Small Space

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Don't Settle for Cramped Family Rooms!

Learn how to turn your  small space into a fun one for the whole family

Is your home a welcoming space for fun indoor activities? Or are you struggling to find room for family time during the winter months?

1. Clear clutter as a team
The family room is exactly that – a room for the entire family. Since it’s designed for everyone in mind, it should be a team effort to clear the clutter in the room. Pick a day to spend a couple hours together and clear out the mess. It should take no time at all with everyone pitching in!

2. Make a list of necessities for the room
So what’s the goal of this room? An in-home movie theater? A video game zone? Maybe a little of both? Either way, you want to make sure the room reflects all of the activities your family enjoys together. Once you decide the direction of the room, make a list of everything you need to make the room fun and functional!

3. Organize cords, remotes, and more.
Tech has become such an integrated part of our daily lives, it’s almost impossible to remember what life was like before. One of the downsides of a tech life is the cords. You have a cord for your phone, your laptop, your TV, your game console, your tablet…the list is never ending. Make sure you organize all of those cords into easily accessible, yet out of the way spots in the room. There’s nothing worse than tripping over unruly cords while you’re trying to play a game of Twister or settling in to a family movie.

4. Find a couch that can do more. –> Murphy bed
A comfy couch is an absolute must for any family room. It’s the place where the whole family gathers for a movie, to play some video games, or spend quality time together reading or doing other activities. In a tight space, you want to make sure your furniture can do double duty. The best solution is a murphy bed. That’s right, you can have the comfy couch your family needs, and also have an additional bed for guests when they come to visit!

5. Get some additional storage.

6. Invest in comfy blankets and pillows.
There’s no better way to make a space extra cozy than to have lots of throw blankets and pillows. Who doesn’t love curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a good book? Or sharing a blanket with your family while you watch a classic holiday movie? You can find great deals on all kinds of throw blankets, and with the right storage, you can make sure your blankets are there when you need them, and are out of the way when you don’t!

7. Make a routine for daily maintenance.
Again, the family room is exactly that – a room for the whole family. So make it a priority to work together to help keep this shared space neat and clean! Try a family checklist or chore wheel to keep everyone on track. This way the space will continue to be a source of fun and entertainment for years to come!

Ready to enjoy time indoors with family this winter season? Smart Spaces can show you how you can create a custom murphy bed solution for your unique space. Learn more, here!

Want help turning one room into two?

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Five Tips for Surviving Holiday House Guests

Five Tips for Surviving Holiday House Guests

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Five Tips for Surviving Holiday House Guests

Everyone’s favorite time of the year is just around the corner! The holidays mean good food, fun traditions and quality time with loved ones. Who doesn’t love that?

The holidays also mean relatives from out of town invading your home, cramped spaces and long lines for the bathroom. The struggle is real during the holidays.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! Whether you have a mountain cabin, a cozy home or a loft in the city, this holiday season is the perfect time to offer your guests more than an air mattress and your living room floor. Check out 5 space-saving tips for surviving holiday guests in your home.

1. Clear out the clutter

Whether you have a living room, basement or home office with a little extra room, holiday visitors are the perfect reason to declutter your space. Best-selling author, Mari Kondo, has amazing tips for clearing out clutter in your home. Freeing your space of extraneous piles will help you feel more prepared to take on holiday guests in your home. And the best part is that you can enjoy the benefits of an organized space all year round.

2. Save some room in the closet for luggage

Out of sight, out of mind. Make sure to leave space in a spare closet for your guest’s luggage. Your guests will feel more at home if they don’t have to live out of their suitcase, and your home will feel more spacious without suitcases taking up floorspace.

3. Invest in a murphy bed

Inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags aren’t going to cut it anymore. Your guests wake up grumpy after an uncomfortable night of sleep. You’re stuck tripping over the mattress or sleeping bag that remains strewn on the floor.

The Murphy bed is a game changer. Murphy beds can be transformed back into wall space, into a desk, or even a sofa. Cabinetry such as a closet cabinet can be added that allows you to transform your space to exactly what you need when you need it.

4. Make the most of vertical space

Your walls can help you save room when floor space is at a premium. Install closet cabinets with drawers and shelves so your guests can organize their belongings within reach without having to leave them all over the floor. This is especially helpful if your spare room or living space doesn’t feature any extra storage.

5. Keep things minimal

Less is definitely more when it comes to accommodating houseguests for the holidays. Make sure every piece of furniture you invest in serves multiple purposes – like a murphy bed. The best part is you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to save space.

If you’re ready to upgrade your space in time for the holidays, schedule your appointment with Smart Spaces today!

Making the Most of Your Living Space in a Bungalow

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Making the Most of Your Living Space in a Bungalow

CHALLENGE: Jen and Phil need a bed in the basement for the out-of-town soon-to-be grandparents who are coming in just a few weeks. Not only are the ceilings low, but the basement stairs have such a sharp turn that Jen and Phil can’t get a normal queen mattress down the steps.

SOLUTION: Smart Spaces designed a simple queen Murphy side bed in smooth laminate, or white melamine, for the Allens. Having Denver suppliers and on-site manufacturing helped Smart Spaces meet the Allen’s tight time frame. By assembling the bed in the actual basement, and by using a memory foam mattress which came tightly rolled up, Smart Spaces was able to provide the Allens with a bed in the nick of time.

PROBLEM SOLVED: The Allens are now the proud parents of a baby girl, with lots of help from the even prouder grandparents.


Murphy Bed Solutions for You

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Making the Most of Your Space – Garage Apartment

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Making the Most of Your Space –
Garage Apartment


Garage Apartment Small Living Space Challenges

CHALLENGE: How to live comfortably in that tiny space!

SOLUTION: Smart Spaces created a custom Murphy Sofa Bed that Mary uses as her daily bed at night as well as a living room during the day. She chose a maple wood laminate for the cabinetry with stunning Champagne Leaf Chemetal Wall Bed Panels that serve as a focal point for her living room. In addition to base cabinets on each side, Smart Spaces also placed cabinets on top of the bed-more storage space! Smart Spaces designed closets to fit under the sloping eaves, plus kitchen cabinetry. One of the kitchen cabinets included a drop table that Susan could use as her “go-to” table; when she needed more room, the table could then be folded back into place. The cabinet also included plenty of shelves to double as storage for plates and other kitchen items.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Mary has both her individual space and her family nearby.

Garage solutions Gallery:

Small Space Solutions

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Smart Spaces Installs Custom Murphy Beds in Hospitals, Centura Regional Hospice Care Unit

Centura Health – Mercy Regional Medical Center Installs Murphy Beds

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Murphy Beds in Hospitals

Smart Spaces Murphy Bed Showroom installed custom Sofa Murphy Beds into Centura’s Mercy Regional Medical Center as part of their recent renown renovation to their hospice care unit. In addition to the hospital adding customized Murphy beds, Smart Spaces also installed customized cabinetry, sofas, wheelchair garages and closets for their guests.

Read Article:

5 Tips For Turning Your Small Space From Funky to Functional

Surviving Holiday House Guests

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5 Tips For Turning Your Small Space From Funky to Functional

Is your space feeling more cramped than usual? Are you constantly tripping over furniture? Knocking over house plants? You don’t have to live this way! Turn your funky small space into functional space.


Turn your small space into a functional one with these 5 tips:

1. Focus on the purpose of the room

Is this your bedroom? Guest room? A home office? Or maybe it’s a combination space? The key to turning a small space into a functional one is to decide what the space will be used for. This will determine what furniture you need. It will also help you get rid of anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of the room.

2. Free up floorspace

A quick way to make a small space feel cramped is to cover the floor with lots of bulky furniture. Turn empty walls into storage space to help get more things off of the floor. If you’re looking for a unique touch that will help free up space in your small room – take a look at this DIY floating string table from Monsters Circus.

3. Try exposed storage

Does it feel like the walls are closing in around you in your small space? It might be due to heavy wardrobes, dressers, or storage shelves. Keeping everything enclosed can leave your space feeling cramped. Create the illusion of space with exposed storage. It can be as simple as removing the doors to your built-in closet space. Your closet needs to be clutter-free in order for this to work!

4. Invest in multi-functional furniture

Need a desk for your home office, but also want to provide a bed for overnight guests? Don’t have a particularly high ceiling, but need somewhere to store a bed that’s out of the way? Look no further than a Murphy bed! They’re the perfect space saver that don’t force you to sacrifice on style. Murphy beds can transform your space into exactly what you need when you need it. Murphy beds can transform from a desk, shelving, or cabinet into a comfortable bed.

5. Keep it simple

Clashing colors and busy patterns do no favors for a small space. Simple yet structured patterns will help create a sense of calm and order. Lighter colors will help brighten up a small space while dark colors will make it feel smaller. Make sure to always go back to the purpose of the room when deciding what color palate and design elements to include.

Ready to turn your small space into a functional one? Set up an appointment with Smart Spaces today!

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Smart Spaces Contributes to DU, International Solar Decathlon

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Creative Use of Space by University of Denver at the 2017 International Solar Decathlon

Smart Spaces Contributes to the 2017 International Solar Decathlon

The mandate of the recent international Solar Decathlon held in Denver was to focus on homes designed to be “affordable, innovative and highly energy efficient.”  One of the ways that the student-led partnership between the University of Denver and UC-Berkeley showed their creativity was by using Murphy Wall Beds supplied by Denver’s own Smart Spaces.

Design Philosophy

The team designed RISE for Richmond’s urban infill lots. RISE stands for Residential, Inviting, Stackable, Efficient, and can be used to describe the UC Berkeley/U of Denver’s design philosophy. Ready to scale to Richmond’s rapid, residential urbanization, this house design is community and transit oriented, focused on long-lasting, simple, and affordable infrastructure for the future. The simple but inviting structure includes large glass windows and doors on the south side, and the stepped-back structure and large stairwells promote community interaction. RISE is designed to be scalable and stackable, kind of like children’s blocks. The modular construction means that one, three, or five units can be built on a site, depending on the desired density. In addition, the post and beam structure directs loads through vertical elements, making the stacking process simple and flexible. Finally, RISE is efficient, designed to achieve net-zero energy consumption, to recover and reuse heat that is typically wasted in most houses, and to recycle greywater. The team also designed the house to be constructed efficiently, without specialized labor, so that local workers in Richmond can easily build the units.

About Smart Spaces:

Located at 1295 S. Santa Fe Drive in Denver, Smart Spaces has designed and manufactured Murphy Beds, home offices and custom closets since 2004. Their 7500 square foot facility includes a two-story showroom with over 30 floor models on display.  In addition to donating the Murphy Beds and cabinetry, Smart Spaces also gave some hands-on instruction on woodworking to the students, adding another skill to the ones learned by them throughout their 2-year-long project.

Part of the DU-CU-Berkeley bedroom design included moving walls on tracks so that during the day, not only did the vertical beds close up against the wall, but the actual walls moved in towards the bed, allowing over 350 more cubic feet for the communal living area.

DU-UC-Berkeley ended up third out of thirteen in the competition, narrowly beaten out of second place by the University of Maryland. Their house is going to Denver Habitat for Humanity, which plans to install the project on a temporary lot while they prepare a permanent lot for the house. After installation on its permanent lot, the home will be sold to a family in need.

> Read more about this event:
> Visit the International Solar Decathlon Team Website:
> Check out Smart Spaces Economical Murphy Bed Design Gallery:

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Are We the Best Murphy Bed Store?

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The Best Murphy Bed Showroom

Yes, we think that you’ll agree Smart Spaces is the best showroom,
as well as the largest Murphy bed showroom!

How to price a Murphy Bed at Smart Spaces

Smart Spaces is the price leader for the quality, service, installation, and support. Do we sell the cheapest possible product at the lowest price? NO!

  • Do we pay any franchise fees? NO!
  • Do we ONLY offer the highest quality of materials? YES!
  • Do we have the MOST space design experience? YES!
  • Do we offer a great warranty? YES!
  • Do we offer the HIGHEST level of product customizations? YES!
  • Do we have the LARGEST Murphy Bed & Wall Bed showroom? YES!
  • Do we pay for commissioned designers? NO!
  • Your prices DO generally include: delivery, installation, a high-quality mattress and an extensive choice of handles.

Best Murphy Bed Service for sales, design, installation

Always ask if your furniture is made locally. It’s really important!

Our unique, on-site manufacturing allows extensive customization. We assure that you will receive personalized service, professional, experienced designers and that we are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

You can always call us if you ever need the furniture moved or fixed in some way after it’s installed.

Best selection of Murphy Beds. Best selection of Murphy bed hardware. Best selection for Murphy bed styles.

Come check out our 5,000 sq. ft. showroom in south-central Denver. On display are over 30 models and designs and user-friendly information about every aspect of our Murphy Beds. You will learn about different types of wood, wood veneers, thermofoils and melamines as well as other incredible laminates. Check out our Murphy Bed spring-loaded mechanism, and see the widest array of accessories, upgrades, and the Murphy Bed installation process.

You have a choice of Therapedic mattresses – inner spring, pillow top or gel foam. Countertops are available in laminate, solid surface, or granite.

Need more options or have different ideas? Bring them in!

Best quality Murphy bed materials. Best quality Murphy bed mechanism. Best quality Murphy bed hardware.

Customers’ first question when they walk into our showroom—is about the type of quality we offer over the competition. Everything we use is first class. Our Murphy Bed mechanism, our materials, our mattress—ONLY THE BEST. In addition, our warranty models that of other, high quality furniture stores.

Our employees are full time, not subcontractors, and they both manufacture as well as install our furniture. With years of experience, they are well prepared to think on their feet and come up with solutions to on-site installation challenges.

Smart Spaces has over 4,000 installations—which means that we know what we’re doing. On-site manufacturing including our accumulated experience translates to customization, flexibility and great communication between you and your designer.

What our Customers Say About Our Murphy Beds & Us:


Had our first house guests this weekend, and we were excited to have the best Murphy Bed installed, by Smart Spaces, in time for them to use. Having a Murphy Bed allows us to more effectively use our small space for a play room for the majority of the time, and for guests to use when in town.

Jennifer W., Denver

Smart Spaces Murphy Bed Store did a fantastic job working with me on the perfect design. The installers were professional and efficient. The quality of the materials and mattress are wonderful!

Lynn L., Denver

Deborah was very helpful at the Denver Home Show earlier this year. She walked us through options and we purchased a Murphy Bed from Smart Spaces. Steve came to our house to assemble the bed and was very professional. He installed the bed quickly and was a pleasure to work with. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks!

John B., Denver

ASTOUNDING customer service from Smart Spaces. Awesome products. I couldn’t be more impressed… so I asked them how I could leave a review? No prompting required. From the very first phone call with Jennifer, for information about Murphy Beds—to the excellent install by Jonah & James—my experience has been absolutely great. I can’t remember being so happy with a transaction. These folks are the best, and their product is, too. Thank you so much.

Tim C., Jefferson

The entire experience with Smart Spaces has been wonderful and we couldn’t be more pleased! It is as though we have a whole other room to our small condo. We now have a beautiful office with a couch for reading and a Murphy Bed for guests. The quality and style is both top notch and beautiful. Steve and Deb gave us personalize attention and the install went very smoothly. We have never met more professional and courteous guys. I have already recommended them to friends. Thank you.

Sally & Jim K., Aspen

Want More?


Smart Spaces is the LARGEST Murphy Bed & Wall Bed Showroom AND Manufacturing Facility in Colorado

Tag Your Best Murphy Bed Store on Instagram

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Thank you for ranking us as the BEST Murphy Bed Store! Share your Smart Spaces installation photos on Instagram! Easy to do, please follow these steps.

  1. Follow us on Instagram click HERE,
  2. Take a photo and upload what we have recently installed/designed for you, or photos from your recent visit to the Largest Murphy Bed Showroom,
  3. Don’t forget to tag us SmartSpaces4U
Murphy Bed Showroom Smart Spaces Superstore

New Customer Satisfaction Survey

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You recently chose Smart Spaces for your custom furniture purchase. It is our goal to follow up and ensure that every aspect of the sale and installation process exceeds your expectations. As a valued customer, your opinions are important to us. Please take a moment and rate your total experience shopping with us at Smart Spaces.

Customer Experience Feedback Survey:

Thank you again!

The answers you provided will help us to improve our processes and make our customer’s experiences even better.

Your Team at Smart Spaces


Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Murphy Bed from

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For custom modular furniture, especially Murphy Beds and Wall Beds, Smart Spaces is the leader in every category. Wherever else you may go, you are not through shopping until you have visited our showroom. Here’s a list of top ten reasons to buy a murphy bed:

1. Highest Quality

Smart Spaces uses only the best materials to manufacture your furniture. From woods to sheet goods, stains, the ISO 9002 certified lift mechanism, countertops on down to hardware, finer materials cannot be found. End products that you can trust and be proud of for many years also have a lifetime warranty against defects.

2. Largest Showroom & Selection

Our two-story showroom has over 20 Murphy and Wall Beds showcased in a wide variety of displays to help you visualize the best use for your space. A larger selection does not exist anywhere. Solid woods, veneers, thermofoil, chemetals and melamines – including the new textured styles – are integrated with dozens of customized cabinets that include shelves, drawers, doors and closets. However you’re looking to create additional functional space, we can help with innovative ideas and expertise.

3. Lowest Prices

For the quality of our work, our prices are the best because of several factors:

  • We are not a franchise and do not pay the fees
  • As a high-volume retailer, we receive preferential pricing on many of our materials
  • We are so confident—that we offer a price-matching or beat-any-price guarantee. Since first offering this deal several years ago, exactly zero customers have presented us with a competing offer. If a customer would do this, they would know that they would get the quality of the true professionals in the field, as well as the best price. Something to consider.

4. Most Experience

Since its founding in 2004, Smart Spaces has manufactured and installed over 3,500 Murphy and Wall Beds, home offices, custom closets and other custom cabinetry. Nobody else even comes close. Naturally, unparalleled experience translates into an acquired breadth of expertise and a corporate culture that prioritizes excellence, timeliness, and overall customer satisfaction. Our experienced designers are salaried and do not work on a commission basis.

5. Convenient Location

Our 7,500 square foot retail showroom and manufacturing facility is located on the northbound lanes South of Santa Fe Drive, south of downtown Denver.  It is right off of I-25 which is important to our many customers who travel considerable distances to visit and shop.

6. Technology Advantage

Smart Spaces uses the latest and most comprehensive software to design and manufacture your furniture. Our auto-CAD-based design software produces accurate dimensions and renderings for your visualization. It is seamlessly connected to our computer-driven saw which cuts the material in the most efficient and ecological way possible.

7. Delivery & Installation

Our installation teams work full time exclusively for Smart Spaces: we do not subcontract. Their acquired expertise allows them to make any adjustments that are required by your custom furniture installations on the spot. The teams also carry the tools in the delivery trucks necessary to fit and finish all of the furniture to your exact space.

8. Colorado Made

Almost all of the material that we use has a Colorado connection. Even if it is not manufactured in Colorado, it is distributed and received by us in Denver. It is then manufactured here in our 3,000 sqare foot facility by Coloradans for delivery to your home.

9. Locally Owned

Smart Spaces is owned by Coloradans. We are not a franchise and have only our one showroom and manufacturing facility. We do not pay a franchise fee and pass the savings on to you.

10. About You

If you’ve read this far, you need to visit us because you are an intelligent and informed shopper – our favorite kind. Let’s get started. Bring your needs, room dimensions and ideas.

>> Check out Our Gallery of Featured Installations of Murphy Beds

Need more than ten reasons to buy a murphy bed? Come visit our showroom–the largest murphy bed store!


Library Murphy Bed hidden behind bookcase, with cabinets, shelves, drawers. Bookcase slides to reveal fold-down bed.

Get Started with Smart Spaces

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Free Consulting & Complimentary Design Services – Murphy Bed Solutions

Small Space Solutions with Murphy Beds

While our job is to design, manufacture and install (or ship) all of the component furniture for your room, the process actually starts with the client. If you are just curious about our products we are always happy to speak with you or walk you around our showroom. If you have something in mind, though, a little preparation can go a long way. We offer free consulting and complimentary design services!

Murphy Bed Design Services

Smart Spaces – Getting it Right the First Time

Our business lives or dies by accurate measurements. The more and better measurement details of the room that you can provide us with –

  • ceiling height
  • room dimensions
  • window dimensions
  • switches and outlets
  • floor radiators, baseboards and vents
  • doors, etc.

allows the process to move quickly forward. For relatively simple designs we probably will not need an in-home consultation. Especially when we are shipping out-of-state we must rely entirely on you, the client. For rooms where measurements are vital to determine the design, one of us from Smart Spaces will absolutely be visiting. We will make the decision after speaking with you. This information allows the design of the furniture on our incredible computer aided design software. 3D renderings will help you visualize the product and how it will fit in your space.

Our Team Gets It Done

After ordering, Smart Spaces is responsible for manufacturing the furniture, collecting the other components (mattress, handles, counter tops, etc.) and arriving at your home at the appointed time. Our installers will then work with you regarding any final details, work expeditiously to complete the job, and clean up.

After ordering, you also have a part to play: preparing the room. We highly recommend that we are the last ones in after the floors and walls are finished. Think of it as an opportunity to perfect the space. Also, the room should be cleaned out to the extent necessary.

Enjoy your new space—designed and installed—by Smart Spaces! Murphy bed solutions designed just for you!

Get Consulting!

>> Check out some of our featured murphy bed installations gallery