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A Tale of 3 Space Solutions for 1 Room

Wind Crest Senior Living Community, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is a vibrant senior living community where folks go after they downsize and move to escape house maintenance and, most importantly, to be near grandkids. The actual units are well designed but small, especially when people are used to much larger living spaces. Here are examples of three different layouts for similar rooms to fit different space needs.

Greg and Mary Lynn moved from Chicago to be near their daughter and her family. They loved their new place, but needed to find a good office/ guest room solution for their second bedroom. Their office needs had diminished since they retired, but they still needed a desk and storage. The room dimensions that they had to work with was 10’ x 12′. They chose a studio desk that attaches to a queen Murphy Bed that can be pulled down for sleep without disturbing the desk items. The material shown here is a Siberian textured laminate >

Murphy Bed with Studio Desk, Closet Cabinet, Drawers
Bedroom with Twin Beds desk side Open Cabinet open

When our second couple downsized, Colleen was adamant that she get a craft table, while Jerry still needed a regular desk to work at. The queen Murphy Bed was placed on the other wall. Here an office in knotty alder wood is shown with the craft table:

The third unit owners, Tim and Beth, loved the fact that they had gone from 4500 down to 1400 square feet; however, both needed their own mini offices in order to continue their consulting work. They worked with Smart Spaces to design a dual desk office, shown here in a black wood laminate:


Whether it’s an office, craft or yoga room, Smart Spaces can design custom cabinetry for your second bedroom to give you maximum usage for that limited space.

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