Space Challenge: Post-Downsizing Dilemma

How to Make Space for Your Boomerang Kids

Dave and Julie had sold their home and bought their two-bedroom loft condo downtown next to Coors Field-great location, as they are both Rockies’ fans. Their kids were all settled into their millennial lives—or so they thought. Young son, Jason, realizing that living on his own was more expensive than he had thought, asked if he could move back home.

Space Challenge: Where to house Jason for an extended period of time, where he could still have his own space, and his parents could still have their own space?

Jason’s parents second bedroom was already set up as a home office, and so they looked to their loft space, where Jason was currently camped out on an air mattress. In addition to a bed that his parents didn’t want taking up a lot of space, they decided that they also wanted to add some type of custom cabinets for extra storage in the loft space.

Space Solution: Dave and Julie bought a side queen size Murphy Sofa Bed which gave Jason both a place to sleep as well as to watch tv on his own. They chose a chocolate wood laminate for the bed, a platinum fabric for the sofa, and a closet cabinet for Jason’s clothes.

So, by working with Smart Spaces, Jason’s parents were able to customize their loft to make for a comfortable place for their “boomerang” son—although they don’t want it to be TOO comfortable.

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