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5 Tips For Turning Your Small Space From Funky to Functional

Is your space feeling more cramped than usual? Are you constantly tripping over furniture? Knocking over house plants? You don’t have to live this way! Turn your funky small space into functional space.


Turn your small space into a functional one with these 5 tips:

1. Focus on the purpose of the room

Is this your bedroom? Guest room? A home office? Or maybe it’s a combination space? The key to turning a small space into a functional one is to decide what the space will be used for. This will determine what furniture you need. It will also help you get rid of anything that doesn’t serve the purpose of the room.

2. Free up floorspace

A quick way to make a small space feel cramped is to cover the floor with lots of bulky furniture. Turn empty walls into storage space to help get more things off of the floor. If you’re looking for a unique touch that will help free up space in your small room – take a look at this DIY floating string table from Monsters Circus.

3. Try exposed storage

Does it feel like the walls are closing in around you in your small space? It might be due to heavy wardrobes, dressers, or storage shelves. Keeping everything enclosed can leave your space feeling cramped. Create the illusion of space with exposed storage. It can be as simple as removing the doors to your built-in closet space. Your closet needs to be clutter-free in order for this to work!

4. Invest in multi-functional furniture

Need a desk for your home office, but also want to provide a bed for overnight guests? Don’t have a particularly high ceiling, but need somewhere to store a bed that’s out of the way? Look no further than a Murphy Bed! They’re the perfect space saver that don’t force you to sacrifice on style. Murphy Beds can transform your space into exactly what you need when you need it. Murphy Beds can transform from a desk, shelving, or cabinet into a comfortable bed.

5. Keep it simple

Clashing colors and busy patterns do no favors for a small space. Simple yet structured patterns will help create a sense of calm and order. Lighter colors will help brighten up a small space while dark colors will make it feel smaller. Make sure to always go back to the purpose of the room when deciding what color palate and design elements to include.

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