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Where do all the wall beds go?

Where Do All the Wall Beds Go?


Being in business since 2004, we’ve helped customers move their beds literally thousands of times.  Whether it’s to prepare for an international move, or to just move the bed to another room while new carpet is being laid, Smart Spaces has been part of the moving decisions of many customers. Sometimes it’s a life process step, where we move a bed from a 2000 sq. foot home to a condo, then to a senior adult development then on to an assisted living community. Other times, the space needs of the owners change, and they put it up for sale, having us come and take it down for them. Then often the buyers turn round and have us reinstall it for them, often at the same time.

We just moved a bed that we made in 2015 to its third owner’s home. The white wood laminate bed still looked as good as it did almost 8 years ago, and with a 25-year warranty on the murphy bed mechanism, the mechanics were as sound as ever.

Although buying a Murphy or Wall Bed is not an inexpensive purchase, they have a useful economic life and retain their value for many years.

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