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Smart Spaces: Success is All in the Details.

Sometimes designing Smart Spaces for our customers can get very scientific.

When Chloe came to us with specific needs arising from her switch to working remote from home, our designers knew that the success of this build would be all in the details.

Chloe is a scientist who works with a large microscope and many delicate slides. She needed defined spaces for her different slides and the fine components of her microscope. It was very important to her that she not leave her microscope on the desktop at the end of her day, and that it would be kept in a dedicated space designed with it in mind.

Chloe also wanted her new space to be multi-functional so she could offer her guests a modern place to stay. Our designer got to work taking an inventory of what pieces of equipment, components and slides would go where, and worked closely with Chloe’s particularly defined needs.

They designed drawers and doors, shelves and cabinets specific to Chloe’s ideas. They started with one large wall and designed the desk, cabinets and shelves to fill that space. The desk wrapped into the corner and onto the adjacent wall, the countertop offering an expansive workspace.

A Murphy Bed unit with a closet and additional drawers would complete this space and be a fitting solution for her visiting guests. But what to do with the opposite wall? Add a smaller desk space? No, Chloe decided instead she needed additional storage space, opting for more cabinets and drawers on this wall.

Additional counter top here, matching the desk, offered her even more open space to spread out her work. This kept Choe’s desk from feeling cluttered as she worked. Custom file drawers and printer shelves added to the organization for her work.

Chloe chose a handsome cherry wood for her new office furniture and Murphy Bed, which offers a classic touch for her new space. She delighted in how the details of her newly designed office space and guest room offer both her guests and her microscope a modern, safe haven.

Whether it’s an office, craft or yoga room, Smart Spaces can design custom cabinetry for your second bedroom to give you maximum usage for that limited space.

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