Space Solution: A Tale of 3 Solutions for 1 Room

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A TALE OF THREE SOLUTIONS FOR ONE ROOM Wind Crest is a vibrant senior adult community where folks go after they downsize and move to escape house maintenance and, most importantly, to be near grandkids. The actual units are well designed but small, especially when people are used to much larger living spaces. Here are examples of three different layouts for similar rooms to fit different space needs. Greg and Mary Lynn moved from Chicago to be near their daughter and her family. They loved their new place, but needed to find a good office/ guest room solution for their […]

Murphy Bed Sofa small space solutions

Space Challenge:  Making Room for Friends

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Mike Sanderson Has a Problem that Most People Would Love to Have–He’s Too Popular! Previous Next  5/5 Mike Sanderson has a problem that most people would love to have–he’s too popular! Space Challenge: How to fit out-of-town company into an 850-square-foot condo in Brooks Towers. Space Solution: Fortunately for Mike this is a two-bedroom unit, so we designed a queen murphy bed with a side drop table cabinet for the guest room. This way Mike could also use it as an office. We put in plenty of shelving and drawers so that his gear would have an orderly place […]

Space Challenge: How to Make Space for Your Boomerang Kids

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Space Challenge: Post-Downsizing Dilemma  5/5 How to Make Space for Your Boomerang Kids Dave and Julie had sold their home and bought their two-bedroom loft condo downtown next to Coors Field-great location, as they are both Rockies’ fans. Their kids were all settled into their millennial lives—or so they thought. Young son, Jason, realizing that living on his own was more expensive than he had thought, asked if he could move back home. Space Challenge: Where to house Jason for an extended period of time, where he could still have his own space, and his parents could still have their […]

Smart Spaces Installs Custom Murphy Beds in Hospitals, Centura Regional Hospice Care Unit

Murphy Beds in Ochiltree General Hospital

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FEATURED TESTIMONIAL Murphy Beds in Ochiltree General Hospital “We love the Murphy Beds that you installed. We have had several people that came for hospital tours before their delivery and have requested certain rooms just because of our Murphy Bed installations in those rooms. Other patients have said that your Murphy Beds made their delivery rooms feel more like a home environment.” – Ochiltree General Hospital Read More Testimonials

Decluttering in 2019

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SMART SPACES CUSTOMIZES SOLUTIONS JUST FOR YOU! CUSTOM HOME OFFICES They employ the use of a Murphy Wall Bed—to increase your available area by as much as 352 cubic feet—by eliminating the guest bed CUSTOM BUILT CABINETS In addition, they will build custom cabinets to fit your room—resulting in no wasted space that’s taken up by extra furniture. STUDIO DESK MURPHY BED Our unique studio desk Murphy Bed, is attached to the wall bed panel that lays down when Murphy Bed is opened. Is your New Year’s resolution to be less cluttered and to find more space in your home? […]

Murphy Bed Sofa small space solutions

7 Tips for Enjoying Family Time in Your Small Space

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Don’t Settle for Cramped Family Rooms!  5/5 Learn how to turn your  small space into a fun one for the whole family Is your home a welcoming space for fun indoor activities? Or are you struggling to find room for family time during the winter months? 1. Clear clutter as a team The family room is exactly that – a room for the entire family. Since it’s designed for everyone in mind, it should be a team effort to clear the clutter in the room. Pick a day to spend a couple hours together and clear out the mess. […]

Five Tips for Surviving Holiday House Guests

Five Tips for Surviving Holiday House Guests

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Everyone’s favorite time of the year is just around the corner! The holidays mean good food, fun traditions and quality time with loved ones. Who doesn’t love that? The holidays also mean relatives from out of town invading your home, cramped spaces and long lines for the bathroom. The struggle is real during the holidays. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Whether you have a mountain cabin, a cozy home or a loft in the city, this holiday season is the perfect time to offer your guests more than an air mattress and your living room floor. Check […]

Making the Most of Your Living Space in a Bungalow

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Making the Most of Your Living Space in a Bungalow Previous Next CHALLENGE: Jen and Phil need a bed in the basement for the out-of-town soon-to-be grandparents who are coming in just a few weeks. Not only are the ceilings low, but the basement stairs have such a sharp turn that Jen and Phil can’t get a normal queen mattress down the steps. SOLUTION: Smart Spaces designed a simple queen Murphy side bed in smooth laminate, or white melamine, for the Allens. Having Denver suppliers and on-site manufacturing helped Smart Spaces meet the Allen’s tight time frame. By assembling the […]

Making the Most of Your Space – Garage Apartment

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Making the Most of Your Space – Garage Apartment Previous Next  5/5 Sofa Bed Gallery: Previous Next   Garage Apartment Small Living Space Challenges CHALLENGE: How to live comfortably in that tiny space! SOLUTION: Smart Spaces created a custom Murphy Sofa Bed that Mary uses as her daily bed at night as well as a living room during the day. She chose a maple wood laminate for the cabinetry with stunning Champagne Leaf Chemetal Wall Bed Panels that serve as a focal point for her living room. In addition to base cabinets on each side, Smart Spaces also placed cabinets on […]

Smart Spaces Installs Custom Murphy Beds in Hospitals, Centura Regional Hospice Care Unit

Centura Health – Mercy Regional Medical Center Installs Murphy Beds

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Smart Spaces Murphy Bed Showroom installed custom Sofa Murphy Beds into Centura’s Mercy Regional Medical Center as part of their recent renown renovation to their hospice care unit. In addition to the hospital adding customized Murphy beds, Smart Spaces also installed customized cabinetry, sofas, wheelchair garages and closets for their guests. Read Article:

5 Tips For Turning Your Small Space From Funky to Functional

Surviving Holiday House Guests

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[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Headline_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget]   Is your space feeling more cramped than usual? Are you constantly tripping over furniture? Knocking over house plants? You don’t have to live this way! Turn your funky small space into functional space.   Turn your small space into a functional one with these 5 tips: 1. Focus on the purpose of the room Is this your bedroom? Guest room? A home office? Or maybe it’s a combination space? The key to turning a small space into a functional one is to decide what the space will be used for. This will determine what furniture you need. […]

Smart Spaces Contributes to DU, International Solar Decathlon

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[siteorigin_widget class=”WP_Widget_Media_Image”][/siteorigin_widget] Creative Use of Space by University of Denver at the 2017 International Solar Decathlon Smart Spaces Contributes to the 2017 International Solar Decathlon The mandate of the recent international Solar Decathlon held in Denver was to focus on homes designed to be “affordable, innovative and highly energy efficient.”  One of the ways that the student-led partnership between the University of Denver and UC-Berkeley showed their creativity was by using Murphy Wall Beds supplied by Denver’s own Smart Spaces. Design Philosophy The team designed RISE for Richmond’s urban infill lots. RISE stands for Residential, Inviting, Stackable, Efficient, and can […]

Murphy Bed Home Office Makeover in Denver, Smart Spaces Best Murphy Bed Store

Office Makeover with Murphy Bed

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Thank you, Smart Spaces Murphy Bed Store in Denver, for all of your help in making our Murphy bed an excellent solution for our home office space and spare bedroom needs. We are very pleased with the final installation and quality of this Murphy bed and desk unit. The woodwork is an absolute match for our room and we couldn’t be more pleased. All functions; drawers, cabinets, bed supports, etc. operate perfectly. As for the installation, your Murphy bed installation team’s service is top notch! They were courteous, professional, very pleasant to work with–overall, they did an excellent job. Their attention to […]

Are We the Best Murphy Bed Store?

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The Best Murphy Bed Showroom Yes, we think that you’ll agree Smart Spaces is the best showroom, as well as the largest Murphy bed showroom! Smart Spaces is the price leader for the quality, service, installation, and support. Do we sell the cheapest possible product at the lowest price? NO! Do we pay any franchise fees? NO! Do we ONLY offer the highest quality of materials? YES! Do we have the MOST space design experience? YES! Do we offer a great warranty? YES! Do we offer the HIGHEST level of product customizations? YES! Do we have the LARGEST Murphy Bed & Wall Bed […]

Smart Spaces is the LARGEST Murphy Bed & Wall Bed Showroom AND Manufacturing Facility in Colorado

Tag Your Best Murphy Bed Store on Instagram

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Thank you for ranking us as the BEST Murphy Bed Store! Share your Smart Spaces installation photos on Instagram! Easy to do, please follow these steps. Follow us on Instagram click HERE, Take a photo and upload what we have recently installed/designed for you, or photos from your recent visit to the Largest Murphy Bed Showroom, Don’t forget to tag us SmartSpaces4U

Murphy Bed Showroom Smart Spaces Superstore

New Customer Satisfaction Survey

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You recently chose Smart Spaces for your custom furniture purchase. It is our goal to follow up and ensure that every aspect of the sale and installation process exceeds your expectations. As a valued customer, your opinions are important to us. Please take a moment and rate your total experience shopping with us at Smart Spaces. Customer Experience Feedback Survey: [contact-form to=’’ subject=’Customer Experience Feedback Survey from’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Variety of Murphy Bed Product Choices Offered at Smart Spaces:’ type=’select’ required=’1′ options=’Select One,Excellent,Good,Fair,Dissatisfied,Disappointed’/][contact-field label=’The Quality of Murphy Beds on Display at Smart Spaces:’ type=’select’ required=’1′ options=’Select One,Excellent,Good,Fair,Dissatisfied,Disappointed’/][contact-field […]

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Murphy Bed from

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For custom modular furniture, especially Murphy Beds and Wall Beds, Smart Spaces is the leader in every category. Wherever else you may go, you are not through shopping until you have visited our showroom. Here’s a list of top ten reasons to buy a murphy bed: 1. Highest Quality Smart Spaces uses only the best materials to manufacture your furniture. From woods to sheet goods, stains, the ISO 9002 certified lift mechanism, countertops on down to hardware, finer materials cannot be found. End products that you can trust and be proud of for many years also have a lifetime warranty against […]

Library Murphy Bed hidden behind bookcase, with cabinets, shelves, drawers. Bookcase slides to reveal fold-down bed.

Get Started with Smart Spaces

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Free Consulting & Complimentary Design Services – Murphy Bed Solutions Small Space Solutions with Murphy Beds While our job is to design, manufacture and install (or ship) all of the component furniture for your room, the process actually starts with the client. If you are just curious about our products we are always happy to speak with you or walk you around our showroom. If you have something in mind, though, a little preparation can go a long way. We offer free consulting and complimentary design services! Smart Spaces – Getting it Right the First Time Our business lives or dies […]