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Murphy Bed Materials & Finishes

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Solid Wood

The door panels, drawer fronts and trim in our wood products are made of quality solid wood in a variety of options. The framework is made of furniture-grade veneer chosen for its strength, environmental concerns and cost-savings to the buyer. The woods are available with pre-finished stain options as well as a simple clear finish. You may also use a custom stain if you desire.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneers are available in either pre-finished or unfinished materials. The panels are smooth for a more contemporary style. The outer layer of veneer is laminated on ¾” plywood and is known for its strength and relatively light weight. If you are considering mounting something heavy on the face of the bed, wood veneer is a top choice.

Thermofoil – Laminates

Thermofoil is a color or picture of wood that is thermally fused onto a core laminate that has been routed out to simulate solid wood in either a Raised Panel or Shaker style. Compared to solid wood, it is more economical and is available in a wider range of colors and woodgrains. Thermofoil is versatile and can be used to create both traditional and highly contemporary looks. Being a laminate, it is also easy to clean.

Melamine – Smooth Laminates

Melamine, or smooth laminate,  is intended to simulate flat-surfaced veneers or painted surfaces. Infused with melamine resins for strength and durability, this material is stain, scratch and heat resistant. Compared to past melamines and some current less expensive ones, our melamine panels are ¾” industrial grade particleboard and manufactured to the highest environmental standards.

Melamine – Textured Laminates

The textured laminates are a new material introduced in the past few years. Unlike it’s smooth cousin, the textured laminates have a grainy feel that is rich to the touch, giving the appearance of wood without the traditional routing. Textured laminates are easy to clean and do not show fingerprints as do their smooth counterparts.

Explore our guide to find the perfect fit for your space.


Red Rocks Chemetal King Murphy Bed
Chemetal Finishes
Smooth Laminates
Textured Laminate with Side Cabinets
Textured Laminates
Shaker Thermofoil Queen Bed with Side Cabinets
Thermofoil Laminate

Available in most of the Smooth Laminate color options.

Wood Open Floorplan
Pre-Finished Wood Veneers & Woods

Available in walnut, cherry, maple, oak, hickory and alder.

Our Murphy Bed & Wall Bed Mattresses

An Orthopedic mattress by Therapedic® comes with each Murphy Bed package. Upgrades are available such as gel foam.

Any kind of mattress can be used with our systems. We generally include a standard inner spring, vertical coil mattress with our Murphy and Wall Beds but some people prefer to supply their own. We also offer standard style upgrades and both styles are available in either a softer or firmer feel as well as pillow tops and gel foams. Smart Spaces works exclusively with the Therapedic® brand which can also be found in other select retailers in Colorado.

First, there is no such thing as a “Murphy Bed mattress.” Smart Spaces uses the same standard-sized mattresses (twin, EXTRA LONG TWIN, full, queen and king but NOT California king) that are sold throughout the United States. The one restriction is that the Murphy Bed mattress cannot be more than 12” deep. SIMILAR TO A PLATFORM BED, A BOX SPRING IS NOT NEEDED.