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Making the Most of Your Space – Garage Apartment

Making the Most of Your Space in a Garage Apartment

PROBLEM: Mary loved her grandkids. However, she lived on the East Coast, and they lived in the Stapleton area here in Denver. DECISION? She decided to move to Denver, and her kids built her an apartment over the garage.

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CHALLENGE: How to live comfortably in that tiny space!

SOLUTION: Smart Spaces created a custom Murphy Sofa Bed that Mary uses as her daily bed at night as well as a living room during the day. She chose a maple wood laminate for the cabinetry with stunning Champagne Leaf Chemetal Wall Bed Panels that serve as a focal point for her living room. In addition to base cabinets on each side, Smart Spaces also placed cabinets on top of the bed-more storage space! Smart Spaces designed closets to fit under the sloping eaves, plus kitchen cabinetry. One of the kitchen cabinets included a drop table that Susan could use as her “go-to” table; when she needed more room, the table could then be folded back into place. The cabinet also included plenty of shelves to double as storage for plates and other kitchen items.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Mary has both her individual space and her family nearby.

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