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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Purchases Murphy Beds?

Our most common client is someone who wants an extra bed for occasional guests, but only has limited space and wants it to “disappear” when not in use. These people can be condo owners, both in town and at resorts, families that have parents visiting and ”man cavers”. Less than 10% of clients use their Murphy wall bed every day.

My favorite story is about the Oklahoman who has a large vacation home in the mountains. His extensive family visits and he needed five Murphy Beds in a variety of sizes and styles to put in different rooms–and hallways. We completed the entire selection and contract in under one hour. Fabulous!

What's new with Murphy Beds?
Thermofoil does for real wood what melamine does for wood veneer: It comes in a greater variety of colors, wood grains, and textures than wood. It is less expensive, more durable and easier to clean. It is the popular choice for people wanting a real wood appearance but wanting more choice and cost savings. It is so like wood that most people have to be taught to tell the difference.
How do Murphy Beds go up and down?
So why does Smart Spaces use a spring-loaded mechanism?
Do your beds have a warranty?
What materials do you use to make the bed?
Why choose melamine?
What Is Thermofoil?
Should I choose a vertical or side bed?
What is the lead time for ordering and installation?
Should I choose a 15- or a 20-inch depth bed cabinet?
What about the Mattress?
Can the furniture exactly fit my specific dimensions?
What about the baseboards where the bed will be installed?
How are the Murphy Beds attached to the wall?