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Murphy Beds in AirBnB, Rentals, & Vacation Homes

King bed for BnB

MURPHY BEDS IN AIRBNB’S & RENTALS Add Extra Sleeping Space to Your Home for Guests

Because of the size and mechanics of a Murphy Bed, you get multiple uses from a single room!


Perfect Small Space Solutions for Vacation Homes, Rentals, Patio Homes and Small Floor Plans!

Whether you own a vacation home, rental, patio home or are trying to work with floor plans that have a secondary small-and-awkwardly-angled bedroom–the Murphy Bed is your perfect space solution.

Murphy Beds allow for a twin, full or queen sized bed to fold up into built-in cabinets so that it is out of the way except when in use. The bed is easily surrounded by built-in dressers, closets, desks and workspaces to maximize the function of the room.