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Space Solutions

Murphy Beds in Craft Rooms

Add a Murphy Bed, with Drop-Down Table, and counter space into YOUR Craft Room

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Whether your hobby is crafts, quilting, scrapbooking, coin collecting or model airplanes you need to have a craft space / work surface designated for specialized tasks. Craft rooms and home studios are usually busy places buzzing with activity. These are the home offices of creative people whose spaces often reveal so much about themselves. At Smart Spaces, we can design a way to bring your passion alive by installing a Murphy Wall Bed Craft Space Solution.

Use that spare room all year round as a craft room but still be able to offer occasional guests a place to stay! A stylish Murphy Bed with customized storage solutions created by the experts at Smart Spaces will give you the best of both worlds!

Looking for crafty ways to organize your craft supplies? Whatever wall space remains can be used for storage shelves and cabinets. If you paint on large surfaces like canvas or panels, you may want to leave an open space under the counter with vertical dividers to hold them upright. If you keep files of design ideas and instruction booklets or other papers relating to your crafting, you’ll need one- or two-file drawers. Put closed cabinets in the craft room to store messy stuff like jars of paint, glue and spray cans. Leave open shelves where you want to stack things, arrange books or place labeled boxes of supplies in clear view. Adding a drop table creates a versatile work surface that can change as easily as you do!