Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects Include:
  • Boulder Hospital, Colorado ~ Installed Murphy Beds in Doctors’ Rest Areas
  • Ochitree Hospital, Texas ~ Installed Murphy Beds in Maternity Rooms
  • Rocky Mountain Fire Station, Boulder, Colorado ~ Installed Murphy Beds in Sleeping Quarters
  • Centura Health, Durango, Colorado ~ Installed Sofa Murphy Beds in Family Hospice Wing
  • Pearl Street Condos, Denver, Colorado ~ Installed Murphy Beds & Offices in 9 Units
  • William Street Condos, Denver, CO – Installed Murphy Beds & Offices in 22 units

Commercial Facilities

Great Space-Saving Solutions for
Commercial Sleep Locations

Ever notice how the subject of functional living space quickly becomes overly technical and--to put it bluntly--boring? Odd when you consider the very word starts with 'fun'. Murphy Beds put the FUN back in function. And Murphy Beds also can solve your commercial facility's sleep needs! Smart Spaces Murphy Wall and Beds are perfect for:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Hotels
  • Furnished Apartments
  • Veterinarian Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Law Office
  • Doctors Offices
  • Auto Shops
  • Construction Sites
  • Firehouses
  • Call Centers
  • Tack Rooms, to name a few!

How does this relate to you? Simple. Murphy Beds and Wall Beds will maximize your business space and functionality in ways you thought impossible. Smart Spaces in Denver, offers a fully customizable design process that helps you create beautiful, multi-functional, space-saving solutions without an invasive and expensive remodel.

In short, it's like we've helped you violate the laws of physics: you've created new space where none existed before. It might seem like we doubled your square footage, but it's not magic--it's what's called "modular customization."

Smart Spaces shelving and cabinetry is specifically tailored to your commercial space needs--right down to the subtle details and final touches. From custom-installed commercial Murphy Bed solutions, life-changing closet remodels--to home office makeovers and just about everything in between. Unleash your living space's hidden potential--and have fun doing it!

Our beds in the galleries are actual customer rooms or showroom displays,
NOT photo-shopped glamor pretend beds.

Featured Testimonial – Commercial Facility

Murphy Beds in Ochiltree General Hospital BEDS

“We love the Murphy Beds that you installed. We have had several people that came for hospital tours before their delivery and have requested certain rooms just because of our Murphy Bed installations in those rooms. Other patients have said that your Murphy Beds made their delivery rooms feel more like a home environment.”Ochiltree General Hospital

Decluttering in 2019

Smart Spaces Customizes Solutions JUST for You!

Is your New Year’s resolution to be less cluttered and to find more space in your home? Longing to have a functional office space, instead of using just a kitchen table?

Smart Spaces, your space solutions experts, has many practical ways to increase your living space—as if by magic.

Custom Home Offices

They employ the use of a Murphy Wall Bed—to increase your available area by as much as 352 cubic feet—by eliminating the guest bed.

Custom Cabinets

In addition, they will build custom cabinets to fit your room—resulting in no wasted space that's taken up by extra furniture.

Studio Desk Murphy Beds

Our unique studio desk Murphy Bed, is attached to the wall bed panel that lays down when Murphy Bed is opened.

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My Craft Room & Guest Bedroom Dream Came True

THANK YOU—I LOVE my new “Smart Space” Craft Room Makeover with Murphy Bed, Custom Cabinets, Drop Down Table, Drop Desk! Our friend, Elayne G., has been an overnight guest and gives it thumbs up! I also posted pictures of my new “Smart Space” on a Facebook group for craft room organization ideas—the response has been very nice. –B. Gregory

Contractors - Business Owners - Facility Managers

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