About Smart Spaces Warranties

About Smart Spaces Warranties

We offer almost all of our entire line of Murphy & Wall Beds with the entire line of material choices and colors. We offer custom dimensions and components for the cabinets. Complete your room with specific custom-made furniture with the look and function that is personal to you.

We are often asked how our product compares to others offered on the internet. Smart Spaces, with our extensive showroom and custom design and manufacturing expertise, gives priority to:

  • Quality

  • Service

  • Selection

Murphy Bed MechanismWe offer things that others cannot: the same furniture for shipping that we design, manufacture and WARRANT in the Colorado market. Thus, you are assured of the highest quality of all materials and mechanism. You can select from our entire line and we will give you the same service and attention to detail that we give to our discerning walk-in clientele. If you prioritize only lowest pricing, however, cheaper items that cannot offer these things are probably available online.

Smart Spaces offers the following warranties on its materials and workmanship when we install the furniture and it is used in the normal course of operation:

  • Murphy & Wall Bed Frames and Mechanisms:
    Manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years for steel and lifetime for aluminum
  • Cabinetry Materials: Lifetime for defects
  • Workmanship: Lifetime for defects
  • Lighting, Sliding Racks and other accessory components: One (1) year from installation