The Murphy & Wall Bed Mechanism

25 Year Warranty

Our mechanism allows the Wall or Murphy Bed to go up or down with one-handed ease. The Murphy Bed mechanism is made of supreme steel, spring-loaded and is study enough for us to use in commercial applications such as hospitals, fire stations and rental units. It carries a 25 year warranty that we, as an authorized dealer, will work with you directly.

The mechanism is mounted to the beds’ vertical panels, and nothing is attached to the floor. The bed frame is a workhorse and can carry up to 1700 lbs. When comparing our mechanism with others, it is understood that everything mechanical is subject to wear and tear. The advantage of our spring-loaded mechanism is that any adjustments and repairs are simple and inexpensive – just replace the springs.

As a Murphy Wall Bed manufacturer & retailer for almost 14 years, we are a full-service operation, whether for a simple uninstall for moving purposes or repairs such as from burst pipes or flooding. In fact, when people no longer need their beds, they will have us uninstall it for them, and then they’ll sell it on Craig’s list, with the buyers asking us to reinstall it for them!

Our mechanism has several important advantages. First, the mechanism is a significant component of the beds’ total cost, and ours can be significantly less than some other models. Second, the beds’ cabinet can be as little as 15” deep, reducing its footprint in the room. Third, the mattress is recessed 10 inches into the shallower cabinet so that when the bed is down it will extend as much as 22” less on the floor. In smaller rooms this fact alone could be decisive.

Other Facts:

  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufactured to exacting ISO 9001 specifications
  • For commercial use in fire stations, hospitals, hotels, etc.
  • Steel frame supports 1,700 pounds
  • Two European manufactured counter-balanced spring-loaded mechanisms
  • Two patented, curved and rubber-tipped legs
  • Extended legs create an elevated standard bed height